Business marketing in the Internet


Why do we make such a present for you?

If you have just started up your own business or developed a new sphere it would be very expensive to create the website from scratch. Among with the website development you should promote it for successful sellings through the Internet. We will gift you a website (totally free of charge, no hidden fees) to reduce your expenses if you conclude the treaty with us for further 12 months promotion of your website.

Promotion process

Our specialists will create for you a website with a catalogue of your products and services, fill it and start to optimize the site for 2-4 days.

We will find for your business about 25 the most profitable search requests which allow to increase your traffic quickly and easily.

During the process of the site promotion we will be tracking the search requests efficiency, the traffic growth, and the conversion rate. Our web-marketing expert will provide recommendations for your business process optimization and the incremental sales possibilities.


During the whole executive process you will have an access to your personal account to track your SEO rank. Accordingly our specialists will be drawing up a month report about the course of work and the achieved results.

The result of website promotion depends not only on our executive work but also on your accompanied assistance. So with the mutual cooperation we can achieve the highest results.


Start Corporation
The number of requests 25 50+
Requests from Russia FREE 1 request 5+ requests
Pay per click advertising 100 clients 300+ clients
Website analysis yes yes
Website monitoring yes yes
Price, USD 195 Request

If you have questions - call us +375 (17) 209 00 95, and our specialists will be happy to respond to you.


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Executive sales manager
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Dmitry Nevar

Sales manager
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