Business marketing in the Internet


Andrei Golubev

The idea to create the individual company crossed my mind in 2007. It took me three years to develop a business plan for the work of our organization and the promotion technology, to carry out researches and to produce a detailed documentation.

Our business was started up in May 2010. And I am very satisfied with our results and glad that we’ve helped many clients to get back on their feet and increased their share on the market. Also we’ve helped some of our clients escape material losses and even bankruptcy. Every three month I’ll set up goals for our team to improve the quality of work.

Kirill Grigorchuk

Launching “Adviko Inc.” we have planned to make a successful and profitable business, but the one with the "human face". During the 4 years of working we’ve been following these principles. And if we see that the website promotion doesn’t help our client to make a profit we always tell them about it. Our goal is not to earn as much as we can but to build up a company which lets our clients grow and prosper. We appreciate every client and provide the best service for them.

All companies have their own history, and “Adviko” isn’t exception. At the beginning our company has been intended for developing web solutions. And for now (October 4, 2014) we’ve engaged in integrated business promotion of our clients in the Internet. And I’m sure we manage it successfully.

I would like to thank those clients who have stayed with us, those who have refused from our service, and our future clients who we’ll be glad to cope with.

“Adviko Inc.” exists to let your company use the force of the Internet for increasing your sales.

Our work is aimed to make your advertisement more attractive to customers.

Our clients